Left Branch Cider

We're serious about your drinking.

Welcome to our website!

Hailing from the Top of South in the heart of the Riwaka Valley, just 15 minutes from the township of Motueka, is the Left Branch Cider Brewery. Made from locally source apples and blended together with a few select ingredients to produce our excellent tasting flavoured Ciders. Currently all our ciders are hand produced by our small dedicated team.

Our Ciders are made from a variety of different base apples, such as Pink Lady, Braeburn & Royal Galas. Hugh and the team are always busy out and about doing promotions and sharing their wonderful Cider with the public.  

So stop by our Facebook page to see where our next tasting might be, if you have already tried our wonderful product, feel free to leave us a comment or a like. Or you can always drop us a line by using the contact box on the right. If you haven't tried any of the delicious flavours we have, jump across to Our Products see what we have and where you can get it!

Hugh (Drummond) has a passion for making some of the best tasting Cider, along with his team at Left Branch Cider, he's sure you'll enjoy this wonderful tasting Cider. You can learn more about our Team here.